07/31/2018 21:31

Ham Radio ... where are you going ?


Below, a very quick promenade along the 'ham radio' way in the years. From the 'I need to get on the air at all costs', of the beginnings, to the 'world is mine by just one mouse-click'.

I haven't to tell you what I consider as true Radio ... and it's pretty obvious it's not that interesting playing with a PC for controlling a 'rice box'. I did this for living enough hours each day (i.e. sitting and using a PC), and I already have someone else shouting on my back 'run to reach the goal!!!'.

Anyway, the short collection of pictures illustrate a variant among many, on the direction of the humankind.

I don't feel ashamed at all in saying ... let's stop and revert a bit our way. We are loosing too much fun ... believe me.



Radioman, July 2018

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