09/27/2015 21:59

Radio Hut


Mr. Grey Wolf, one of the Gang, moved to a new (temporary though) location, in a big city. He would prefer to live in the mountains, where he has his main residence. Now, in a big, smoky and polluted city, he suffers from space limitations, and his flat is small. The balcony not, and immediately after having moved his stuff, he built a suitable Radio-Hut so he can be back on the Shortwaves ...

The pictures above are self explaining. The projects are to come back on the Air with vintage equipment. Perhaps, we should say with 'vintage junks'. In our Gang we are estimators of the BC 221 frequency meter, because is still plenty at ham fests and cheap. Both regenerative receivers or driver VFOs can be easily arranged with such a beatiful device. Plans are serious to go Full Spectrum, he sais: looking at the pictures, I believe him.

For an unexplicable reason, the old illustrations on the early QST magazine issues, develop deep resonances among us in our group of friends. Mr Gray Wolf prompted the next drawing, as a celebration of his coming back to the Shortwaves, soon.

A wooden old house, in the mountains, with snow ... and a consolatory, comforting, wire antenna at the back, ... under the moon light, that make us wondering what marvellous wireless set is operated there.

Such drawings tell alone so much of our passion for the Shortwaves ... we are not able to tell by our own words.

Radioman, Sept. 2015

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