10/23/2015 23:12

Past or future ?


Autumn has arrived and the weather outside pushes to indulge in some radio-activity. The chill weather makes comfortable to light some tubes behind the panel or below the desktop: the radio station comfortably gets warmer, and slowly.

The cold season, unfortunately, also brings into my country-side home a heavy QRM coming from the domestic heating plants around here. It's difficult to make decent radio contacts, so I prefer listening on the Shortwaves.

The knob inevitably steers on the Amateur bands, but I cannot keep it still. Inevitably I have to turn, even though gently, to look for decent QSOs, but I can't actually find some. There aren't.

Apart from a few QRP contacts, in which occasion I often find motivated, enthusiast and clever radio operators, for the rest I had to take skeds with my friends for arranging some radio gathering among us.

I clearly recall when, in my first teen years, both in the radio amateurs bands and outside them rather commonly, radio operators were used to talk about radio, which habit nowadays seems to be almost completely disappeared. Then, I have to establish sked with my friends.

The season is the best for playing with the radio, but there's very little to listen to and very few to chat with. At least at the time of writing ... in 2015.

The explanations I could give to this phoenomenon are countless and I will not go into details.

But ... again in recent times, I've been given an old illustration by Mr. Gray Wolf, which ... breathlessly ... tells everything of my passion for the Radio and the Shortwaves, along with the same tip of loneliness for not finding but a few restless friends with whom sharing the same interests.



This picture, from the past, tells anyway what has been my radio-history and what will be my radio-future: working and experimenting with Radios on the Shorwaves. In search, also, for some Radio-fellows ... in the aether.


Radioman, Oct. 2015

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