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When we gather on the Shortwaves for some traffic, usually we run some odd radio-stuff. MOPAs, Hartleys, crystal driven Electron-Coupled Oscillators, regenerative receivers ...

'Odd' is to us, of course, the way we look at our radios taking the point of view of the politically correct radio amateurs world. They are all but 'odd'! We are proud of our clumsy rusty irons and nests of pieces gathered from many sources, that, put together, allow us to run over many miles in fractions of seconds.

We feel, sometimes, as the guardians of a tradition that otherwise would be deleted by the obsessive (and yet not totally understood by many) innovations. A tradition in radio communications which, when lived our way, still brings a lot of fun and teachings. Despite the dust and the rust.

So, we begun to replace the common '73' at the end of a QSO on radiotelegraphy, which means 'goodbye', by something a bit more distinctive: the '77'.

The number '7' has considered a symbol of perfection in ancient times. By saying '77' we only wish to express and stress more strongly our passion for real, simple (sometimes 'ancient') radios,  as two '7' are sent together.

'72' has been taken, some years ago, as the distinctive 'goodbye' among those going with low power. So, why not coining a distinctive greeting among those going with ultra-simple radios, most of the time made following old concepts, but yet disclosing a tremendous potential for communicating on the Shortwaves, and for having a real radio-fun ?

By sending '77' we refresh to each other the concept that we are, after all, simple guys in the real life. And that very little is needed to smile bit. So little like a small inductor, a variable capacitor, a key, a piece of wire for antenna and ... perhaps ... a valve.

Radioman, Feb. 2017

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