12/18/2014 21:32

Unusual Windom

Some time ago a quite strong windstorm damaged my 41mt long windom antenna and the long arm was broken at the support: the antenna fell down. Just the short arm remained up at about 15 m, anchored to a near three.

I tested the antenna anyway just to check if it was possible to make some SWL activity, and tested the VSWR too and ... discovered that it was possible still a reduced use, but anyway enough for QRP contacts and ... also for quite long distance contacts.

If you look at the antenna you should say that it is impossible to have decent QSO with this kind of antenna:


Instead, along the time I've learned that this antenna is still usable and quite efficient and it doesn't act as a NVIS antenna as I supposed at first view, but as a quite good radiator, despite low power.

So when I tested it on CW in the 4-5 MHz band with my friend Radioman, we did not have any problem in copying our signals and the strength was impressive: S9 with just 5 W during an evening, while the bands were full of noise. 

Very intriguing and exciting indeed!

So make a try and trust it: the antenna could be very simple and still provide you with plenty of satisfactions.



The Grey Wolf, Dec. 2014

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