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Dream Radio Station


From where it comes this picture I don't remember. For sure, it depicts a maritime radio station, on board of an old vessel. A well known BURNDEPT receiver appears at the left and four MARCONI triodes are undeniably visible at the right. Plese, note the splendid tuning coil on top of this 'Wireless Set'. It probably was a rather powerful station for the time. I guess ... around the end of the '20's? Or it was the '30s ?

I look rather frequently this picture and I find myself in it (... no ... I'm not one of the triodes :-) ...). I FEEL myself in that radio room.

I am breathless and wordless.

That picture to me tells that the Radio Operator was 50% responsible of the success of a radio communication. And the remaining 50% of the credit belongs to the Hardware.

There was a significant risk to die by electrocution, for the Operator, or to cook his skin due to high intensity dispersed electromagnetic fields. Our mobile phones are much more dangerous with this respect, than the Manufacturers wants us to believe. We are exposed to electruction more today than 100 years ago. Everyone of us. We can 'cook' our skin everytime we look into the microwaves oven when it runs at full steam. Try putting your mobile phone inside, close the door and dial the number from another phone: you will be surprized to see your mobile ringing: the microwave is told to be safe with regards to EM emissions. If so, I expect that this holds in both directions: from inside to outside and viceversa. If one of the two directions fails ... then it is no more true that a MW oven is safe. Isn't it ?

Apart from these technological and theoretical dissertations, what I refuse of the present time is the extreme 'technologicization' of our life. I suspect that we can live equally well, or even better, with much less. We have more ... and we want more than what we have. And that more that we have it does not result in more spare time. Strange ...

I belong to the world of that radio room. Because I want to stop. To slow down. To be protagonist and not a slave. I need THE ESSENTIAL. And that radio station ... is like that.

Yes, surfing the Shortwaves with simple means is belonging to and living in other times.

Radioman, New Year's Eve 2014/2015

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