08/20/2016 20:33

Command Set


After 70 year since the WWII it is still possible to find Command Sets airborne transmitters in pretty good shape. I am particularly proud of the one below as that was donated to me by a friend.

I could not resist and the same power supply I am currently using for the recently built Hull Hartley transmitter ('BIG H'), is just fine also for the Command Set. 600V on the PA plates, 265 on the PA screen grids and 200 V, electronically stabilized, for the oscillator.

When the dial calibration was checked against the internal crystal, and against an outer frequency meter ... I found the scale perfectly calibrated! The power is in the range of 50 W output.

The loud sound from the inner relays ... is music to my ears.

This transmitter is now being cleaned thoroughly and will be used, I would say, quite daily, on Full Spectrum, for staying in touch with my friends on the short waves.


Radioman, Aug 2016

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