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Being a Radio Amateur

I have a friend, an Antique Wireless 'Addict'. He lives very far from me, unfortunately. He is a friend, among other things, because we feel the same feelings in front of the same things.

We belong to quite different eras but we speak the same language even if our mother tongue is not the same.

Today I've received a present from him. A small leaflet that looks as below:

He knows I had been impressed by a picture found on the Web, showing a complete radio station of the beginnings. I asked him to provide me with a higher definition picture so I could see better the constructional details.

Amazingly he gave me the original publication from where the picture was taken, dated 1933!

Inside, the description of the Receiver:


... and that of the Transmitter:



... and a view of the complete station, with some additional stuff:


I feel deeply grateful to him for this precious gift. For the historical value of the leaflet, and for its validity in the present.

We Radio Enthusiasts often forget that our Radio-Forefathers had to be ingenious and that their purpose was to establish a communication along distance. Nothing was left to chance and everything was optimized and cheap.

My impression is that we tend to loose ourselves in front of those sophisticated (nevertheless extremely effective) modern radios, that we get lost and we forget the beauty of a radio contact made by minimal means. I seem to observe that modern radios add unnecessarily complicated stuff between an operator, that might be willingful to enjoy radio contacts, and the ionosphere.

That leaflet is entitled 'How to Become a Radio Amateur'. Right. There is a process to achieve the radio contact. But I'm convinced that it is more a matter of 'Being' than that of 'Becoming' a Radio Amateur.

At the beginning there was, perhaps, a rush among people of different ages to get and to do what was needed or required to enter the new marvellous world of Radio. So the focus was on 'Becoming'. 

Today I notice some dissatisfaction, some restlessness throughout the Radio Amateurs community (and not only in this) and it is clear the return of our attention to those old days. Collection of Vintage equipment and documents seems to increase daily.

Perhaps in modern Society it is that we all need to come back to the Essence of certain things (if not all ...). Essence is what IS and nothing less or different could be.


Like the Radio Station depicted in the leaflet.

When I deal with other Radio Amateur fellows I constantly support the idea that those tecnical concepts could be reproduced by modern components with the exact same schematics, and still allow you to deeply enjoying to send and receive your signals at great distances.

Despite the focus of that leaflet is on 'Becoming' a Radio Amateur, it is clear that the process can start if one 'IS' first a Radio Amateur! To enjoy the Radio, then, you only need very few things, ... like those described above. Nothing more.

Radioman, Feb. 2017

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