12/27/2014 23:08

Unconventional QSO



This is what I mean PASSION FOR THE SHORTWAVES: operating at any cost with unconventional means and on Radiotelegraphy.

The picture has been taken in the shack of my friend 'Hartley', while doing some traffic on the Shortwaves. The transmitter (see 'Hartley / MOPA TX' post in this website archive) uses two tubes. For receiving there were two options: a DEGEN commercial receiver, below the monitor, and an SDR receiver, ... that uses the monitor sometimes.

The transmitter is coupled to the antenna via a 'Z-Match' tuner, that feeds a balanced line: which, as I've recently seen, runs up and down into Mr. Hartley house, before finding a way out to the roof.

The bright light on the desktop comes out from the TX power supply: the lamp is, actually, the bleeder resistor for discharging the rectifier filter capacitors. Mr. Hartley decided to use the electric energy, that otherwise would be wasted in the air through some abundant heat, to have a better lighting on the table when operating the Radio Station.

At the time of the picture we were in touch on the Shortwaves somewhere between 3 and 4 MHz, during a noisy and uncertain night on the frequencies.

The setup is not conventional and it is the only one Mr. Hartley has to communicate by the Radio.

You see in the picture: nothing is by chance and everything is optimized to the utmost, to THE PURPOSE, that is ... staying in touch on the Shortwaves.

Radioman, Dec. 2014

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