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This website deals about the transmission and the reception on the Shortwaves.

There are people that deeply enjoy surfing the Shortwaves whatever the frequency, that cannot live without hearing everyday the typical Shortwave noise from a loudspeaker, that cannot resist at looking some needle going up and down due to a radiofrequency current going back and forth, that cannot resist from putting their own signal into the aether looking for a reply from distant places.

This is a true passion, that makes some people striving for having and operating a radio station, most of the times homemade with almost any mean, and sometime operated from almost any place.

In striving to get on the air, Radiotelegraphy plays an essential role. It allows reducing dramatically the complexity of a radio transmission system, it makes easier to acess the ionosphere, and makes the Operator a true protagonist of the communication by the radio. Besides, Radiotelegraphy still allows the most reliable exchange of information at distance, being equal the power, the antenna system and the receiver performance. And despite the recent trends in technology, true Radiotelegraphy simply needs a Radio Operator. The Shortwaves and the Radiotelegraphy cannot be separated.

Let's not forget, all in all, that Guglielmo Marconi invented the Radio to allow the people on the ships to stay in touch with those on dry land, and that for almost one hundred years, the communication ship-to-shore relied on the Radiotelegraphy on Medium and Shortwaves. By necessity, due to the technological limitations in the early days of the Radio, the wireless sets were extremely rough and very simple, but effective anyway in the hands of good professional Radio Operators.

Simplicity, effectiveness, operating ability: all these are strongly inspiring elements for some people that do want to send and receive radio messages, at almost all costs.

This website, then, shows a tiny bit of what can be done for communicating on the Shortwaves, if there is enough curiosity, inventiveness, willpower and courage.

Radioman, November 2014


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