12/18/2014 21:51

It's Me! Radioman!

When Radioman was a Radioboy!

It all started when I was a kid. About 7 years old. I was sick at home with a flu and strong fever, and I got sick with Shortwaves. I started playing with an old Shortwave radio, and became enchanted by those strange sounds and voices coming out.

The way to being sick with Electron Tubes and old radios was very short.

In the picture, myself at the age of 10, busy with an hot iron on some old television set part, to scrounge components. Observe the valves on the table and a rubber band rifle ... a typical 'weapon' for any kid of those times, at those ages.

Well, I am supposed to be rather grown older now, but essentially, I am the same guy of that picture. I still spend time to recover parts and diligently put them in boxes, and I am still used to build radios with old components. Some incursion into the solid state technology, but very limited. I am still the same dreamer.

The first radio transmitter had been built a couple of years later than that picture: a half of a 6SN7-GT double triode, in self-excited Hartley configuration. The great achievement of that enterprise was to make strong QRM on the TV channels in the VHF band.

I am very proud of those beginnings.

And I regret deeply the magic of those days ...

Radioman, Dec. 2014

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