05/03/2015 22:01

PARADOX in Action


Here the first QSO with limited performance antenna: 9 feet whip, tuned at the base, on a terrace.

The QRG has been around 8 MHz: not too high to afford short skips (200 miles), not too low for keeping the radiating system efficiency acceptable. The 8 MHz is a VERY GOOD QRG also in the sense there are very few 'official' services around and there are pieces of Shortwave spectrum, of many tens of kc/s, totally unoccupied. The Signal-to-Noise ratio, besides, is favourable for using very limited powers and limited receivers, like a regenerative one, which has been built inside the Paradox box. And during light hours, it is an open frequency for doing traffic on short distances.

Its transmitter, again, is a single EL86. All the power supply goes with the transmitter and the power has been derived from a couple of Lead-Acid batteries.

I've received the PARADOX signal well, and I've made a very short test QSO hearing Mr. Hartley beating on his key at a nice 559 RST, peaking to 579.

Nothing new under the sun. Some modern transceiver would have done the same job better. Some modern, standard, radio would have done the same.

Boring ...

In the way we have done here, it has been a real fun, instead.



Radioman, May 2015

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