09/13/2015 14:06

On an Island


Time for vacations has come at last! Radioman have brought some radio stuff with himself ... otherwise the vacations wouldn't have been as such.

The location was unknown at the time of booking, so scissors, wire, adhesive tape and quite a bit of inventiveness had been added into the backpack.

Here below the 'radiating system': 7 mt of wire, rather low from ground, as main radiator. Then, some other 7 mt of wire (white), going from left to right in front of the hut main entrance. For some reasons, this 'ground plane' didn't work well when laid on the sand.

This antenna was the only one possible to have over there. As you can see, it was, of course, temporary, and I had to hang it up and dismantle each time I used it. But, very unexpectedly I should say, it worked! On 8 and 6 MHz. A few WX info exchanges with my friends, during very short QSOs, just for amusement.




A little power, a few crystals, and some intriguing and fascinanting experiences over the Shortwaves, on a remote island.



Radioman, Sept. 2105

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