05/21/2017 17:40

3579 kHz


A few months ago I was listening on the 80 mt band in search for a free tiny piece of spectrum, available for a QSO on radiotelegraphy.

The 3.579 kHz frequency is one of the preferred by Radio homebrewers because it corresponds to a common television crystal. Common means: plenty, cheap, easy to use ... And also, as a consequence, it allows easily to many to find on the air other fellows experimenting with the Radio, on that frequency.

H oping to find a radio-fellow, that night, to share my same interest on home-making simple radios, I sent my 'CQ ...'. A gentleman from a 1000 km away, replied. And immediately after a digital signal also appeared, making the whole radio contact quite hard. But we managed to make it.

That OM told me, along that QSO, he has been often around 3.579 to resist against 'the aggressive behaviour of the digital guys', as he stated.

Along with that, I'm forced to recall that also the frequencies commonly allocated to QRP traffic are often disturbed or occupied by QRO stations, so disrupting the peace of those tiny spectrum portions, where more than anywhere else ... Radio homebrewers gather to test their creatures and/or to talk about Radio, on CW.

That OM ... I found him on many other evenings, insisting to defend the 3.579 kHz channel.

Well done Mate. You are an example to all that claim the right to have a few kHz where enjoying their radios, and that often are unable due to the poor conduct of the majority.

As a matter of fact he defended the right to operate with very minimal and low performance devices.

Radioman, May 2017

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