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The listening to the Shortwaves is a way to stay in touch with the world, receiving news from any place. I think that almost any Radio Amateur has begun as a Shortwave listener when he was a child. To me it happend like that. I begun with old wooden valves radios and I spent so many hours in the night, listening to VOA, BBC, Radio Moscow ... hypnotized by the green 'magic eye' tuning indicator, behind the fading.

The same happened to Lennart Wennberg from Sweden, whose splendid website brings back to our days the magic of those beginnings. When I first came to read his biography and narratives about his childhood and the Shortwaves, I felt something moving inside. It is as if I had written those stories.

The 'Shortwaves sickness' apparently has the same symptoms for anyone. Who better than Lennart, who's a physician, can tell you then ? Often you get the radio-virus at a very young age, and when it happens at that early time, you can bet that you'll never recover.


Dear Readers, I warmly invite you to give a look to this wonderful website, written by a Gentleman with a fine artistic and poetic touch. And sometimes, to talk about the Radio to others ... you have to be poetic to give the essence ...




Radioman, Dec. 2014

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