12/21/2014 21:19

Complex Transmitter


When things go out of control, and it could happen when too much passion is around, then the monster of 'complexity' appears.

The following pictures are about a double conversion transmitter, general coverage from 2.0 to 22.0 MHz, for AM and CW, capable of 200W keydown on Radiotelegraphy or 200W peak envelope power on AM.

It works but it is still to be optimized. 50 kilograms of Aluminum and Iron.

The builder keeps asking himself how could it be possible he embarqued into such a nightmare, dedicating more than one year and a half to assemble component after component in search for an operational flexibility totally unneded when the purpose is just exchanging information between friends on the Shortwaves.

This mistake will be not repeated anymore.


Radioman, Nov. 2014




Power Supply + VFO + 1st conversion + AM Modulator:


2nd Conversion +  Driver + RF Power Amplifier (QE08/200)

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