05/21/2017 17:01



On a noisy evening, while listening to a CW Service station on HF, I made these videos.

An EK07/D2 with AGC and set bandwidth 4.0 kHz

Polyphemus 2.0 ...


... and again the EK07/D2 without AGC (same bandwidth as above):



Interesting. Polyphemus does not have any filter: nor in 'IF' circuit (impossible because the Intermediate Frequency is variable between 1.7 up to 3.5 MHz), nor the Audio stage. Even though, its audio response is a bit narrow due to the frequency cut of the loudspeaker.

Its overall performance looks really good (perhaps better in this particular case ...) on a noisy day as compared to an old, but professional and still well performing receiver.

Radioman, May 2017



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