12/07/2015 18:32

On the Air at All Costs




Mr Gray Wolf is resurrecting from the darkness. Here you can see how he's arranging his experimental single tube transmitter, using a 6DQ6B and a load of pieces gathered here and there.

His antenna, besides, is made by a couple of parallel wires, 70 feet long and 8 feet apart, running on the rim of his balcony: I don't know how such an idea could have got into his mind. I would never had built as antenna  something which is closer to a transmission line than to an aerial ... but it works! Today we had traffic from 3.0 to 7.0 MHz, in Full Spectrum mode, and he was running a pure 'T9' tone, by firing his flea power into his ... 'antenna' ! 

In our group we proudly assemble pieces to achieve whatever could allow us to go on the air. At all costs. We salvage almost everything, for this purpose. Mr Gray Wolf, more radically, has also built a wooden hut to store his radio stuff and to afford a reserved corner from where sending his fierce signal from miserable wireless sets. He is an example for us all, indeed.

And these ... are true experiences on the Sortwaves.


Radioman, Dec. 2015

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